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Dylan’s out in the everglades looking for alligators. She answers some questions about herself, then poses for the camera at a stop off in the middle of the swamp. She doesn’t end up seeing any alligators, but she does get a very close encounter with Levi’s trouser snake!

James is fed up of getting less attention than his dad’s new gold-digging girlfriend. Every time he has something planned with him she comes in and destroys everything. One day, James forgets his wallet and heads back home only to find his dad’s girlfriend fucking the gardener. Finally, James gets his revenge and shows her how he can also destroy one’s plans…..and pussy!

When a woman is comfortable, she will decide to settle down and get married. She will remain happy as long as she is comfortable, however the trouble starts when whats next door seems better than what she has and from that point she will create every argument, every fight to get you mad and give her the reason to fuck the cock she doesn’t have.
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